About Chitrakut

In a space crowded with players of different sizes catering to all kinds of customer demography, and in an industry choking with competition and price-wars, only a handful few stand the rare distinction of earning true customer-love. We are a young and vibrant company, run by thorough professionals who understand the science of construction, the awesomeness of design and the emotion of our customers. We are Chitrakut – we develop and build dwellings but above that, we build trust and deep relationship with our customers to last a life time. That’s why we are among the fastest growing company in Bengaluru among builders and developers. We are young but that isn’t stopping us from growing exponentially with enormous customer satisfaction.

With a highly cohesive team of Designers, Engineers and Marketing professionals interacting with each other from conceptualization to completion, keeping our customer at the centre of our priority at every stage of progress, it is of little surprise why we are among the most sought after names in the industry.

It’s our firm belief that every home we build must reflect the uniqueness of our client in its finer details while we draw from our vast expertise the best aesthetic concept from the west and also retain our Indian sensibilities in our design to create a unique blend of both worlds. To us at Chitrakut, every day is an opportunity to outdo ourselves in terms of learning, execution and customer-satisfaction which best explains why our existing customers do more sales for us than us having to go aggressively behind it.

Creating beautiful home spaces with high quality that comes from our constant innovation, will be our impetus to growth.

By offering unparalleled quality, world class innovative designs and customer-centric operations, we see ourselves as the most trusted name in the superior residences market.

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